The 80sRewind Show with James Allen

For 5 Years, we brought the retro back!

Welcome to The 80sRewind Show!

An 80s Summer with The 80sRewind Show

Unfortunately the show is no longer broadcasting, but we are uploading ALL the shows from 2013 every week in 2017 where there was a show broadcast during that week. View the archive on Mixcloud:

Lets get this sucker up to 88!

James Allen

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Our Promo Video

Want to get any idea about what we do on the 80sRewind Show? Check out our short promo video showing a slide show with shots from the studio and the 80s. Watch in HD if you can.

You Tube Link

Our Old Top 1000 Song Requests System

Note: As it's not show day or the show has finished you can only view the tracks from the top 1000 - not request them

Please enter a title or artist in the search box below or choose the year you wish to view. You can then choose which track you would like to request - a search bar at the top lets you filter the results.

Please note: We will always try to fulfil your requests when possible, although due to the planned nature of the playlist and time restrictions this may not always be possible. Your interaction with the show is always massively appreciated.

Also remember that if you have never requested a track before on the show you have 'First Requester Privillege' and can choose *any* track from the 80s.
If this is the case, get your request in to us using the first requestor privillege option at the bottom of the page.